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 Corporate Culture

Enterprise Spirit: Be innovative, realistic, cooperative and self-disciplined

  • Innovation is the soul of science and technology enterprises, of which it is the most effective productivity. We need to be ahead of other competitors by creating values and continuously learning.
  • Being realistic should be result-oriented requiring the staff to work with practicality,efpciency and preciseness; strong execution is also possessed to work robustly, rigorously, effectively and applicably.
  • Cooperation consists of two parts which are internal cooperation and external cooperation. Internal cooperation means team work requiring staff to coordinate with each other; external cooperation improves a combination and integration of different resources.
  • Self-discipline means professional ethic, dedication and responsibility. Being sincere, honest and responsible to achieve corporate goals requires prm beliefs and self-discipline.

Core values: Focus, professionalism, carefulness and responsibility.

Our promise: Let’s have a blue sky everywhere!

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