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Policy booster blowout lithium ion battery industry


Lithium ion battery was born in the early 1990 s, because of the high voltage, high specific energy, no memory effect, and high cycle performance and other characteristics, quickly developed into basic electronics, also into the most important power supply products, greatly promote the development of consumer electronics and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of product technology level and safety performance improved significantly, the lithium ion battery has been widely used in consumer electronics, information technology, national defense war industry, new energy, new energy vehicles and other fields.

At present, lithium ion battery industry development in our country present a new normal "a fast and slow", namely the rapid growth of power type lithium ion battery demand, consumption and lithium ion battery market growth slowed significantly.

Dynamic power type lithium ion battery demand rapid growth from the continuing outbreak of new energy automobile market in recent years.In 2015, new energy vehicles "blowout" in our country.Under the state council issued "the general office of the state council about accelerate the popularization and application of the new energy automobile guidance" (countries do hair [2014] no. 35), the relevant ministries and local governments actively implement policies, greatly accelerated the rapid promotion of new energy vehicles.Under the stimulus of new energy automobile subsidies policy, China's new energy vehicle production rapid ascension, 1 ~ 2015 new energy vehicles the accumulative total output in November 279300, about four times year-over-year.

The rapid development of new energy industry, greatly stimulated the lithium-ion battery market development.Lithium-ion battery production in China, 2014 to 5.29 billion, product sales revenue reached 70 billion yuan.Among them, the anode material production is about 56000 tons, up 60% from a year earlier.Electrolytic production of about 50000 tons, up 70%;The diaphragm yield about 40 billion watts.It is estimated that 2015 lithium-ion battery products sales will reach 90 billion yuan, the top 10 companies sales value increased substantially.

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