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Policy is increasingly perfect Lithium ion battery into the standard time


Order to strengthen the administration of the lithium ion battery industry to guide the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, the implementation of the lithium ion battery industry standard conditions "(hereinafter referred to as the" standard conditions "), promote the development of lithium ion battery industry continue to health, a few days ago, the ministry of industry and information technology electronic information policy stable cross meeting in Beijing.Deputy director general of ministry of industry and electronic information Peng Gongbing, deputy director general of civil aviation administration of China transportation company Andy to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.The meeting interpretation for the standard conditions of industrial layout, the scale of production and process technology, product quality and performance, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection, safety management, and other requirements.

Peng Gongbing said in a statement, the implementation of the "standard conditions" is one of the important gripper guide sustainable and healthy development of the industry, one is to attach great importance to the various units, fully understand the importance of implementing standard conditions;Second, carefully organize the implementation, strive to achieve actual effect;Three is to strengthen communication and coordination, and ensure implementation of work smoothly.

Andy said, "standard conditions" and "lithium ion battery industry standard announcement management interim measures" of the healthy development of the lithium ion battery industry in China as well as the safe transport of lithium ion batteries will play a positive role in promoting.Next, civil aviation transport department will strengthen cooperation with ministry of electronics company, to promote the development of lithium battery industry, but also guarantee the safety of the lithium ion battery air transport.

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